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Note: Please always consult the help facilities provided with any software you are using. This information is provided as a guide only.

"I have difficulty reading small text, what should I do? "

Changing the Font Size
If you have difficulty reading the content on this website or any website, you can change the Font settings so that the text characters are larger.

E.G. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
In Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, please select "View" and then "Text Size", to increase your font size:

For all other browsers, please refer to your help instructions provided with your browser software.

"Which Browser do I have?"

You can check which Internet Browser you have by selecting Help, typically located on the top menu of your brower. There will usually be the option "About [YourBrowser Name]". The first screen which comes up will display which Browser andversion you are using.

E.G. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

You can also upgrade your browser for free by going to the Microsoft or Netscape websites and downloading the latest version. Often there is a special area calledDownloads where the latest Browsers and other programs are available.

"How do I print a page from this website?"

You can print the complete page by simply pressing Print icon on your Browser menu or by clicking "File" and "Print" from your Browser's menu. If you cannot see the "Print" icon, please consult the Help file located in your browser software.

E.G. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

"Can I change the way the website looks on my screen?"

Screen Resolution & Colours

Different computers have different screen setups. Your computer is likely to be set to one of three resolutions - 640x480 pixels, 800x600 pixels or 1024x768 pixels (where the numbers represent the width and height of your screen). Pixels are the little dots that combine to form the characters and graphics you see on the screen. This website will look very big on the 640x480 resolution, will sit comfortably on 800x600 (the most common resolution) and look quite condensed on 1024x768.

If you have a computer (running a Windows operating system), youwill be able to change the screen resolution by simply changing the Display/Settings on the ControlPanel/Monitor of your computer.The number of colours displayed on your monitor will also affect the quality of the images displayed in a website. The colour palette should read a minimum of 256colours, but if your computer can handle it, it is preferableto select High Colour (16bit) orTrue Colour (24bit). For further information, please refer to your user manual supplied with your PC or operating system.

For further information, please contact the Webmaster at: webmaster@caa.qld.gov.au or you can use our feedback form.


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