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About CAA
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About CAA

The Corporate Administration Agency (CAA) is a state government entity established in 1997 to provide a range of corporate support services to statutory bodies within the arts portfolio. The CAA’s client base has expanded significantly over the years and we now service in various ways some twenty state government agencies.

The CAA shared services model offers a number of obvious advantages for clients:

  • It allows agencies to focus on what they do best by taking away resource intensive non-core support activities;
  • Management responsibility and expertise in making appropriate infrastructure investments in business support systems is transferred to the CAA – our core business!;
  • Economies of scale are able to be achieved by investing in business systems for a number of clients, thereby providing a more cost-effective service for all; and
  • Agencies have access to a pool of talented CAA staff who have the experience and expertise in their chosen fields that surpasses those available in single agencies.

Our niche market is smaller government agencies and statutory bodies (outside the current scope of the Shared Services Initiative) that often have difficulty in finding the resources to make the appropriate investments in support services. The CAA model allows these agencies to access best practice service provision at an affordable price.

In our short history we have developed a culture of service flexibility that allows us to respond to any service need. We can tailor our services to meet your particular requirements. There is no agency or service request too small for us. We are happy to discuss any of your needs with you personally.


‘To be integral to the success of our customer’s businesses’

The CAA sets high expectations and standards for itself as it goes about its business. The pursuit of excellence is demanding but the effort in striving to achieve it should reflect favourably on the standard of service we are able to offer our clients.

The CAA is a sub-division of the Department of Environment and Science.

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